Four Roses makes its debut at Red Rooster Festival / Jun 17

This year the cartel went out on an automotive limb and got their hands on a pretty impressive set of wheels. A 1966 pearlescent blue Chevvy pick-up made its way to the Capo de Capi’s mansion to get spruced up and party-ready for a summer of activity with our flagship brand, Four Roses.

Its first outing was at Red Rooster, a music festival celebrating all that is wonderful about Americana, rockabilly, blues and Southern madness. Parked up in a prime spot, the Spirit Cartel team did their thing and waxed lyrical about the superb qualities of the bourbon. We had an amazing musician strumming banjos, diddley bows and cigar box guitars all weekend and showcased our bespoke Four Roses guitars on the back of the truck. We gave away sunglasses, t-shirts and harmonica necklaces in return for social media posts and we ran a phenomenal guitar competition that turned our area into the third stage of the festival!

A few weeks later, brand ambassador Benji Purslow took a mini-version of our guitar competition to the Cow in Stratford (a Young’s pub) ahead of the Guns N’ Roses concert at the Olympic Park.

The place was packed, tonnes of Old Fashioneds were consumed and several riffs of Paradise City were heard. The summer will continue with partnerships with the UK’s first motorcycle chopper show and music festival, Ramblin’ Man, in July and then the Classic Car Boot sale later in the year.

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