Amaro Lucano

Lucano 1894 Srl is one of the most important Italian companies in the production and marketing of liqueurs and spirits. Founded in 1894 by Pasquale Vena, the company is based in Pisticci, in the province of Matera, where it produces its flagship product: Amaro Lucano, a herbal liqueur with a balanced taste and international success. Lucano 1894 Srl is a family-run company, which has managed to maintain the link with tradition and territory, but also to innovate and diversify its offer, launching new product lines, such as Lucano Anniversario, Limoncello, Caffè and many other products. Lucano 1894 Srl is also a socially responsible company, which supports cultural and environmental initiatives, such as the Essenza Lucano Museum project, which aims to enhance the wild herbs of Basilicata and protect biodiversity. The company has made passion, quality and originality its strengths, and that continues to grow and conquer new markets, bringing the flavor and spirit of Italy to the world.