Since its creation in 1862, Rhum Barbancourt has been unique. The founder Dupré Barbancourt, originally from Cognac, explored the processes of double distillation used in Charentes. In order to guarantee the utmost consistent quality, the rums are created from pure sugar cane juice and sent directly to the distillery to preserve their freshness and aromatic potential. Each rum is matured in oak casks imported directly from the Limousin region of France. In 160 years of history, the distillery’s knowhow has remained intact, while their technology and ambitions have evolved. Fifth-generation owner Delphine Gardère is the current guardian of this heritage. The Barbancourt distillery creates original and high-quality rums that earn the admiration of connoisseurs and all those who enjoy the finer things in life. Fruity and round, the bouquet offers a rare richness and a distinct Caribbean character. It is time to discover the greatness of the only true Haitian rum.