Worthy Park

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Worthy Park

ABV: 57%
Pack Size: 6 x 100cl
Country of Origin: Jamaica


The family-run Worthy Park Estate was established in 1670. The first ever record of rum production was in 1741, pre-dating any other Jamaican distilleries still in operation. It is Jamaica’s only single estate producer, with all the rums batch-distilled, aged, blended and bottled on site. The unique flavour comes from the production method: Worthy Park is 100% distilled in pot stills custom-built by Forsyths in Scotland – the industry leader in pot still manufacture – operating on a batch system with a 5-6 hour cycle.

Tasting Notes:

A dark coloured rum with shades of deep red. Fresh tropical fruit flavours of banana, pineapple and orange on both nose and palate. Combined with mellow vanilla, caramel and subtle toffee. This rum presents with a strong flavour followed by a smooth mellow finish.