Rinomato is a line of aperitivi produced in the heart of Italy’s historic aperitivo region – Asti, Piedmont. This collaboration between legendary barman Giancarlo Mancino and Fasel Shenstone, boasts these beautifully balanced and classic products that root themselves in the aperitivi traditions of 19th-century northern Italy.

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Rinomato <br> Americano Bianco

Americano Bianco

ABV: 17%
Pack Size: 6 x 1 L glass bottles
Country of Origin: Italy


Artisinal production; regional spirtis (sugar beet distillate for Aperitivo) and Italian wines (Trebbiano, Moscato and Malvasia for Americano) used as the base; hand crushed botanicals sourced directly from farms on four continents; 45 day extraction of botanicals; temperature controlled blending and filtration.

Tasting Notes:

The mélange of quality Italian white wines provide acidity, structure and floral notes. Gentian from France’s Massif Centrale region provides dry and tannic layers. Succulent aromas of panettone, fresh bergamot and mandarin evolve into a gripping, complex and root-driven palate.