Clase Azul Tequila

Clase Azul Tequila is world renowned for its superior quality and rich flavor profile. The attention to quality begins with the selection of the finest organic agaves and extends to the spirit's decanters, which feature handcrafted artwork from Mexican artists, and are meant to add an additional layer of sophistication to the experience of Clase Azul. Each bottle of Clase Azul Tequila is literally touched by the human spirit. The love and nurturing our craftspeople put into producing Clase Azul starts in the agave fields and is continued through the bottling process where, in our own facility each bottle is created by hand.

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Clase Azul<br>Plata

Clase Azul

ABV: 40%
Pack Size: 6 x 70cl
Country of Origin: Mexico


Crafted from hand-selected agave that have matured for at least 9 years. The agave piñas are slow cooked whole with steam for 72 hours in traditional stone ovens. The piñas are allowed to cool naturally before undergoing artisan milling where they are crushed and the remaining pulp is fermented using a proprietary strain of yeast, and then double distilled in a copper still.

Tasting Notes:

This silver tequila is a super-smooth spirit and wonderful mixer.
Full bodied; yet not too strong, with underlying herbaceous, hint of pepper and citric tones: This tequila has a very big mouth-feel, leaving a long, attractive and often sweet after-taste that finishes without losing a step.

  • Tequila Masters Medal, Spirit Business 2009
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