Clase Azul Tequila

Clase Azul Tequila is world renowned for its superior quality and rich flavor profile. The attention to quality begins with the selection of the finest organic agaves and extends to the spirit's decanters, which feature handcrafted artwork from Mexican artists, and are meant to add an additional layer of sophistication to the experience of Clase Azul. Each bottle of Clase Azul Tequila is literally touched by the human spirit. The love and nurturing our craftspeople put into producing Clase Azul starts in the agave fields and is continued through the bottling process where, in our own facility each bottle is created by hand.

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Clase Azul<br>Añejo

Clase Azul

ABV: 40%
Pack Size: 3 x 70cl
Country of Origin: Mexico


The hand-selected agave is matured for at least 9 years. Immediately after Jimado the agave piñas are slow-cooked whole with steam for 72 hours in traditional stone ovens to eliminate the bitter honeys. After cooled, double fermentation is undertaken with secret proprietary yeasts and then carefully distilled in copper pot stills with a rigorous attention to detail on heads & tails to ensure the highest quality spirit. Triple filtration before extended ageing for 25 months in fine small American White Oak barrels selected by the master distiller.

Tasting Notes:

Amber in colour, with a full and rich body. Mesmeric and enticing on the nose; it displays sumptuous notes of aromatic oak, fresh agave, almonds and apples wrapped in vanilla and caramel. These enthralling flavours are firmly carried through onto the palate, which is long and delicious. The ageing time gives this sipping tequila an amazing balance, body and flavour profile.

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