The Spirit Cartel family are a tight knit bunch of hoods hell-bent on importing, flogging and drinking the best spirits from around the world. Their methods may be unconventional and at times questionable, but nothing stops this gang on their mission. Targets include high end style bars and hipsters hangouts. Watch out and approach with extreme caution!
Meet the Spirit Cartel Team
Sam Cunliffe


ID Number: 0478725

Name: Sam Cunliffe
Nickname: The Hurricane

Crime: Drunk and Disorderly & Public Indecency
Status: Awaiting Sentencing

Extracted Evidence:

Sam has risen through the ranks of the northern bar scene and attained notoriety for his energetic and entertaining style of bartending and management with a focus on using the best quality ingredients to make the best quality drinks and deliver an original and exciting approach to the industry. after coming out from behind the sticks he worked with RTD giant Global Brands to build new and existing brands in the key cities in the north and quickly cemented himself as an event organising expert. Now flying the flag of Spirit Cartel Sam has rekindled his love for quality ingredients and strives to offer a unique perspective on the drinks business.

Guilty Drop: A Four Roses Pickleback before 12 Noon