Don Q Oak Barrel Spiced / Aug 17

Don Q added another expression to their family this year with the launch of their 3 year-old 45% ABV Barrel Spiced. The summer activity began at Red Rooster festival where we had a frozen Piña Colada bar using the original Don Q Gold. The weather was on our side and the beautiful cocktails were being ordered by the dozen. Next up was Spirit of Tiki in London where Don Q had the biggest bar on site. Over the weekend people enjoyed punches, Piña and chatted to global brand ambassador Alex Mouzouris.

Don Q, Oak Barrel Spiced Rum ABV: 45%
Flavours include a blend of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, along with a barrel-aged rummy character. Warm kitchen spices slowly give way to oaky tannins, the company reports. Aromas include vanilla and nutmeg, beginning with honey oak notes.

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