Don Q Gran Añejo: One of the best Rums for your money in 2016! / Apr 16

The Spirits Business held its annual Rum Masters, where an experienced panel of judges uncovered and recognised some of the category’s best expressions available on the global market.

‘..Readers may notice that not all of these bottlings are standard priced, but have been judged to offer excellent quality to consumers within their respective price categories.

Don Q Gran Añejo is made from a blend of rums aged between three and 12 years, combined with Solera aged rums aged up to 20 years. The expression is said to have notes of “vanilla, molasses, dried fruits and toasted nuts” as well as” oak and tobacco”, making the rum “ideal for pairing with cigars”. The panel found the offering “pleasant, slightly oily and not too sweet”, and awarded it a Master medal.’

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