City of London Gin makes The Cartel its home / Aug 16

We’re really rather delighted to inform you that we are now the very proud distributors of City of London Distillery Gins!

City of London Distillery  (C.O.L.D)  was founded back in 2012 by entrepreneur Jonathan Clark after a lifetime of running hotels, bars & restaurants and of course sipping G&Ts.  Located in Bride Lane – an area drenched in the history of gin – the artisanal micro-distillery was the first working distillery to open in the beating heart of the City of London in 200 years.

The distillery can be found in a retro style cocktail bar and the imposing copper stills – named Jennifer & Clarissa after legendary cooks The Two Fat Ladies – are encased behind huge bomb-proof glass panels. The pot stills are a modern version of the 19th century Caterhead still and through its simple design help retain the character and complexity of the botanicals. C.O.L.D. use the more expensive but more meticulous ‘one-shot’ method which captures the purest middle cut or the heart of each distillation. Each expression of gin is produced in small batches and each bottle individually numbered.

The City of London is the oldest continuous municipal democracy in the world predating Parliament and so it’s with great pride that C.O.L.D. was granted use of the City’s crest in its early days.  The bar and distillery are located in the shadow of Sir Christopher Wren’s St Paul’s Cathedral and this impressive piece of architecture provides the inspiration for the beautiful and unique bottle and pays homage to the gin’s City of London home.

These gins are truly a thing of beauty!

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