Roberto Cavalli Vodka

Roberto Cavalli Vodka is the first Super Premium vodka entirely produced in Italy. A tasteful masterpiece and a perfect example of Italian tradition and heritage of one of the top distillers, it is sophisticated, elegant and dedicated to the most discerning palates. Born from an intuition of Roberto Cavalli, renowned for the cosmopolitan spirit and joie de vivre, Roberto Cavalli Vodka was initially launched in the United States in 2006. It is now becoming a symbol of the passion for nightlife and entertainment worldwide.

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Roberto Cavalli <br> Rosemary

Roberto Cavalli

ABV: 40%
Pack Size: 6 x 100cl
Country of Origin: Italy

Roberto Cavalli Vodka is made from the best qualities of wheat grown in the valleys where the south-western Alps meet the Po river, in the “Granda” area in Piedmont. This type of wheat is soft, preferable to hard-grain wheat due to its higher type-A starch content that converts the sucrose into a pure form. The spring water used in the dilution process has a naturally low mineral content and therefore does not need distilling. Four columns for the first stage of distillation, a special copper recipient for completing the procedure to give absolute purity. The filtering process uses not only the typical cellulose panels, but also marble powder, important for guaranteeing the correct pH levels for the finished product. Bottling in small batches is the final act in creation of its exclusive character. The Rosemary expression uses the fine aromatic essences of the leaves of evergreen rosemary bushes typical of the Mediterranean that are extracted and added to the vodka. The extraction is done by an alcoholic infusion of the rosemary leaves and then distilling the infusion using steam distillation.

Tasting Notes:
NOSE: Sweet, soft, balanced. PALATE: Medium body with an elegant, silky quality. AFTERTASTE: Rosemary.