Kappa, a combination of French and Chilean cultures is single-handedly defining the super-premium Pisco category, representing the long history of luxury drinks in the Marnier Lapostolle family and the magic and mysticism of the Elqui Valley in Chile. Kappa derives its name from the majestic Kappa Crucis star cluster, also known as “The Jewel Box”. It is regarded as one of the most breathtaking objects in the Southern Hemisphere and is part of the Southern Cross Constellation, visible above the Elqui Valley. The striking Kappa bottle is inspired by the constellation of the Southern Cross, its design represents mystery, energy, quality, art and taste for doing things perfectly.

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Kappa Pisco

Kappa Pisco

ABV: 42.5%
Pack Size: 6 x 70l
Country of Origin: Chile

Marnier Lapostolle 180 years of expertise in producing luxury spirits is evident throughout every step of the Kappa production process. The master Cognac blender & cellar master Patrick Raguenaud was on hand to ensure the highest quality production in Chile. A state-of-the-art copper alembic still and distillation techniques were brought over from Cognac to ensure only the finest spirit is achieved while preserving the delicate Pink Muscat and Pink Alexandra grape aromas. Vinified and distilled the unaged spirit is combined with pure water from the Andes. Bottling takes place in Atacama and Coquimbo regions (the only regions allowed for the production of Chilean Pisco).

Tasting Notes:
Kappa Pisco has a soft citrus fragrance with notes of orange blossom and wild flowers. On the palate there is a beautiful mix of menthol, floral and fruit notes. The smooth and oily mouth feel leaves a long and intriguing finish. A highly versatile spirit: a wonderful mixer, superb on its own over ice and of course in a Pisco punch, it simply shines brightly.

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