Don Q

The constant pursuit to perfect the art of distillation has been passed down through six generations of the Serrallés family to create Puerto Rico’s number one rum, Don Q. The rums are named after Don Quixote; just as this famous literary character represents the search for a perfect world, Don Q signifies the family’s quest for perfection in rum. With an enthusiasm rivalled only by their passion for quality, Don Q have invested significant time, knowledge, and resources to make the distillery one of the cleanest and greenest in the spirits industry. A sustainable approach to making Don Q rum leads to a superior product as well as a healthy ecosystem. Not only does the distillery then reap the benefits, they get to do what’s best for the people and wildlife of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Sea. Aging in American white oak casks and careful blending practices have been perfected over the last 150 years, ensuring that Don Q rums are consistently of a high standard of excellence with distinctive bouquets and balance.

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Don Q<br>151°

Don Q

ABV: 75.5% / 151° overproof
Pack Size: 6 x 70cl
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

A blend of heavy and light rums each with a minimum of 3 years of aging. This well balanced rum stands out from the other 151° with mature characteristics of vanilla, oak and hints of smoke and tobacco.

Tasting Notes:
Bold, woody tastes with initial sweetness, notes of caramel, figs and dried fruits. Ample tannins from the oak barrel support a long, bright, flavourful finish and creaminess to the palate. Don Q 151° with its high abv makes a perfect base in tropical or Tiki-style drinks as they give a richer body and weight. Flavorful enough to sip with water! Pair with Asian, Latin and spicy foods. Use in food recipes where bolder rum flavours are desired or a flaming technique is required!

  • Gold Medal, Rum Masters 2017
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