Bellevoye bears the name of a road, the least traveled by, a path that one barely sees and that carries the promise of dawn, a destination shaped like a dream. Jean and Alexandre designed this dream, placing their faith at the very heart of it, faith in the strength of their culture and country, France. They have made this dream come true with a crazy and audacious bet. It was born from a will to create, innovate, and push the boundaries: producing a great French whisky, with all of our skills and know-how, our terroirs and our raw materials.

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Bellevoye White

Bellevoye White

ABV: 43%
Pack Size: 7 x 70cl
Country of Origin: France


One of four expressions from the Bellevoye, each of which are blended malts made with single malt whiskies from around France. The first and only 100% French Triple Malt whisky with a Sauternes casks finish. The intensely sweet wine which was housed in the casks previously has helped to impart bright notes of juicy fruit.

Tasting Notes:

Bouquet of dried fruits, spices and honey on the nose. Silky texture on the palate. Almonds and nuts on the finish.