Becherovka is a delicious, traditional and high quality herbal liquer. The conception of Becherovka begins with the insight of a skilled businessman, Josef Vitus Becher (1769-1840). Besides his business with seasoing and colonial goods at his shop called at Three woodlarks', he had a special interest in crafting spirits. In May 1807 the Three Woodlarks industry made its first sale. The drink was called "English Bitter," and was used for medicinal purpose: for curing stomach illness. The family of the founder started with the export of Becherovka already in the first half of the 19th century, but only in 1934 - after the end of the alcohol prohibition - could Becherovka conquor the United States and four years later finally England. In 1838 the son of Josef Becher, Jan took over the colonial trade of liqueur making in the family house at Three woodlarks. He is considered as the founder of the company, responsible for the development of the Becherovka production for the course of almost 40 years.