A Masterpiece in Aging: Don Q Gran Reserva de la Familia Serrallés / Jun 16

Don Q Rum has released a rare 20-year-old aged expression of Puerto Rican rum in celebration of the company’s 150th anniversary and Spirit Cartel has manged to secure 8 bottles of this celestial elixir.

In 1994, the Serrallés family identified and laid down 36 barrels of exceptional rum; some twenty years later, the very best has been selected to create a truly sublime blend. This golden liquid was then returned to the same barrels for a few months to allow the marriage between balance, aroma and taste. The aging process took place in charred American oak barrels. The resultant rum is called Gran Reserva de la Familia Serrallés and is highly sought after with only 1,865 bottles produced.

Sight: The contact with the wood gives the rum a natural dark amber tone, which is both intense and brilliant.

Nose: Its aroma has notes of vanilla, oak and a touch of burnt wood with a hint of molasses, which helps build the character of this exceptional rum.

Taste: It is deliciously smooth in the mouth with the elegance and complexity of an ancient Cognac. These notes give way to warm tannins and a lingering mahogany and fig finish with notes of apricot. From the very first sip of this elixir, a warm wave flows to the heart where the spirit of a great rum is meant to be felt!

This definitive Puerto Rican aged rum is encased in a luxurious presentation box including a certificate of authenticity and brand history booklet which makes a perfect memento. The pack is a three-piece, solid wood construction that includes an inset top panel designed as an ode to the barrels that aged the 20-year-old rum.

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